Ergocomp is a lvars + Brado Group Company in India, lvars S .P. A, Italy is a multinational Company. The TWINS, as Companies in the lvars group are known,are one of the largest manufacturers of Office Chair Components. Ergocomp was established in 1998 to manufacture Office Chair Components for the Indian and surrounding markets. It started manufacturing chair bases and inshort tenure has added many new products. It manufactures and deals in each and every component of a office chair. The range of products Castors, Chair Base, Gas Pump, Telescopic Bellow, Seats, Arms in Polypropylene and Nylon, various shapes and sizes of Back Covers, Under Seat mechanisms of Synchron, Asynchron and the push back type. The show Tom at Navi Mumbal displays a complete range of products amidst rich ambience.

Ergocomp has extensive network of dealers in major cities and a strong customer base nation wide. It has established a reputation for quality with renowned Indian manufacturers of Office chairs. Thanks to support it has received from lvars, S.P.A.) Italy, the parent Company, Ergocomp is today a financially strong, modem and vibrant Company. It has propelled to the forefront as a major supplier of Office Chair Components. The valued customers look to it as a reliable supplier of quality components. It is endeavor of the consistently good quality products in hallmark of Ergocomp.

The team understands this and is the driving force in terms of product selection and pricing. Ergocomp, is recognized in the industry as a One Stop Shop for everything that goes into making of office chairs. Aided by the parent Company, it has successfully produced several components with a competitive edge in terms of Egonornic, aesthetics, functionality, durability and pricing. Much of Ergocomp's present strength would not have been possible but for the dedication of its team. The marketing team with its customer friendly approach works hard to open new markets. It also provides valuable support to the customers in product selection for the specific market. The production, stock and dispatch team ensure smooth and timely supplies of material to the office in Navi Mumbai runs the Company like a ure Iloiled machine, With the expantion of its manufacturing activities the next logical steps for Ergocomp is the vast market around India.

It is the vision and efforts of one and all at Ergocomp to make it a company, a name to reckon with, a Company with a global vision, one which stands for principled and ethically correct way of doing business. A pi armed and a dedicated approach wilthelps us realize our vision.